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About Me

Lilly Air is an illustrator, painter and artist who lives in California. She graduated from the Academy of Art Universty with a Bechelor's degree in illustration. She originally started drawing as a child but became more serious about art during high school. After she discovered that art can be her career, she became serious about  improving her art skills. She first majored in Fine Arts until she discovered digital art for herself, changing her major to Illustration. 

Lilly Air is an introverted artist and loves spending time in nature. The sounds, colors, and beauty of nature sparks her artistic creativity. She loves illustrating stories, character design and exploring more of her art style. Her previous work were different types of arts such as realistic portraits, stylistic characters, anime, logo design and many others.

At the moment, she is still trying to improve her visual development skills and studying color for animation movies. When she’s not doing art, Lilly Air likes to spend time singing, focusing on fitness exercises, practicing self-love, listening to the sounds of nature, and participating in cosplay photoshoots.

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